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Site Assessments

by | Feb 4, 2019

Steering Committee comments on Site Assessments

The following assessments have been produced by the CCWNP team over a period of time. The first assessments were done before Tandridge DC published their HELAA list as part of their local plan consultation. The HELAA list will vary over time as sites are included or withdrawn. The CCWNP team and the local parish councils will continue to carry out site assessments as further sites come forward.

The reference number for each site is based on a numbering scheme used by the CCWNP team and is different to the HELAA numbering scheme. Hopefully the site of interest will be able to be identified from its title.


Site Assessments at 4 April 2017

  1. CR3NPCAT003 Marie Curie
  2. CR3NPCAT004 Officers Mess
  3. CR3NPCAT005 177a-181 Croydon Road
  4. CR3NPCAT007 Whyteleafe Road SA (R)
  5. CR3NPCAT008 Willey Lane and Stanstead Road (1)
  6. CR3NPCAT009 between Roffes Lane & Stanstead  Road
  7. CR3NPCAT010 FurrrowsPlaceHT
  8. CR3NPCAT011 Southwood
  9. CR3NPCAT013 Youth Centre and adjoining residential Godstone Road
  10. CR3NPCAT 14 Beechwood-Harestone Lane
  11. CR3NPCAT016 land west of A22
  12. CR3NPCAT019 Reservoir Stanstead Road
  13. CR3NPCAT022 EssendenePark
  14. CR3NPCAT027 Texaco garage
  15. CR3NPCAT028 Bypass Reservoir
  16. CR3NPCAT030 Doctors Lane
  17. CR3NPCAT033 Woodland House
  18. CR3NPCAT036 69-73 Stanstead Road
  19. CR3NPCAT39 Surrey National Golf Club
  20. CR3NPCAT042 East of Roffes Lane
  21. CR3NPCAT052 Timberhill Park
  22. CR3NPCAT053 Church Hill
  23. CR3NPCAT054COH3044 Hambledon Yorke Gate
  24. CR3NPCAT057 121-123 Tupwood Lane
  25. CR3NPCAT076 Tillingdown Copse and Woods
  26. CR3NPCAT086 Land west of Chaldon
  27. CR3NPCAT151820 Woodland above White Knobs and 8acreWoods
  28. CR3NPCH3003 Birchwood Lane Mount Avenue
  29. CR3NPCH3012 57 Rook Lane
  30. CR3NPCOH3001 CliftonHT
  31. CR3NPCOH3002 CliftonHillSchool
  33. CR3NPCOH3007 deStaffordSchool
  34. CR3NPCOH3011 EssendeneSch
  35. CR3NPCOH3012 HillcroftSch
  36. CR3NPCOH3013 HillLibraryHB
  37. CR3NPCOH3014 ChaldonRdsurgery
  38. CR3NPCOH3015 DownlandsHT
  39. CR3NPCOH3016DBCentre
  40. CR3NPCOH3017 Amenitysite
  41. CR3NPCOH3018 Community Centre
  42. CR3NPCOH3020 9-11Auckland
  43. CR3NPCOH3022 British Legion
  44. CR3NPCOH3024 Robinsfield
  45. CR3NPCOH3028 Westway
  46. CR3NPCOH3029 RetailRaglan
  47. CR3NPCOH3030 Caterham ArmsHB
  48. CR3NPCOH3031 Queen’s Park
  49. CR3NPCOH3033 WestWay allotments
  50. CR3NPCOH3034 HeathRd allotments
  51. CR3NPCOH3035 Rosedale allotments
  52. CR3NPCOH3036 Goldenlion
  53. CR3NPCOH3037 High St Hill Shops
  54. CR3NPcoh38 Coulsdon Rd Shops
  55. CR3NPCOH3039 9-11Stanstead
  56. CR3NPCOH3040 Dormers
  57. CR3NPCOH3043 K&Q
  58. CR3NPCV3002 Tillingdown Hill and A22 No 14
  59. CR3NPCV3003Bronzeoak Stafford Road
  60. CR3NPCV3004 waitrose
  61. CR3NPCV3007 Soper Hall
  62. CR3NPCV3010 North Downs
  63. CR3NPCV3011 77-81 Stafford Road
  64. CR3NPCV3031 PO 19 Station Avenue
  65. CR3NPCV3034 Telephone Exchange Godstone Road
  66. CR3NPCV3035 William Hill Interior Retail Premises
  67. CR3NPWHY3001 Salmons Lane Stables
  68. CR3NPWHY 3003 Gadoline House CR3 0EA
  69. CR3NPWHY3006 46-74 Godstone Rd
  70. CR3NPWHY3007 Gasometer Site NO CR3 com
  71. CR3NPWHY3008 Car Park
  72. CR3NPWHY3009 Car Park
  73. CR3NPWHY3010 Edgeworth Close area
  74. CR3NPWHY 30113037 White House
  75. CR3NPWHY 3016 Old Barn Petrol Stn (see WHY 3003)
  76. CR3NPWHY 3024 Wapses Lodge
  77. CR3NPWHY3025 Bourne House com
  78. CR3NPWHY 3033 Thornbury Cottage CR3 0BQ
  79. CR3NPWHY3034 Portley Wood House CR3 0BQ
  80. CR3NPWHY003 Torwood Frm
  81. CR3NPWHY004 Joysons Stables
  82. CR3NPWHY005 Woodland Burntwood Lane & Godstone Road
  83. CR3NPWHY008 Wellesley Parade (1)
  84. CR3NPWHY5002 Erne House
  85. CR3NPWHY5003 Rochdale House
  86. CR3NPCAT051 Town End Car Park
  87. CR3NPCH001 Land at rear of 58 Chaldon Common Road Chaldon CR3 5DY
  88. CCWNP SA 001 Land and former Caretaker’s Bungalow at de Stafford School
  89. CCWNP SA 002 Sandiford House Assessment

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