The Caterham, Chaldon and Whyteleafe Neighbourhood Plan now has significant weight in Planning Decisions.

The Referendum on the Neighbourhood Plan, which took place on 6th  May 2021, gave a terrific endorsement. The Plan received 6923 Yes votes, with 1020 voting No. Almost 7 to 1 in favour. Approval of the Caterham, Chaldon & Whyteleafe Neighbourhood Plan gives it legal status and ensures that planning takes full account of local requirements. It gives us added protection in the four parish area from inappropriate or ill thought out development proposals and will ensure that a rigorous and transparent agreed set of rules are applied to planning applications.

Once the Planning Policy Committee of Tandridge finally agrees that our plan is “made”, we will establish a Reviewing and Monitoring Group, to ensure that the Plan’s policies are taken notice of. My thanks to all the volunteers who have worked on the Plan over the years. Their work has now come to fruition.

If you are making a Planning Application in Caterham, Chaldon or Whyteleafe, then you should read the Neighbourhood Plan policies.

Front cover of plan

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