1. Progress towards the completion of the final Neighbourhood Plan

    Further to my presentations on the CCWNP in September, when we reviewed our progress and requested support in completing one of the most ambitious Neighbourhood Plans in the Country, covering four areas with a population of 30,000 people.

    With the help of Locality, we have been able to secure the services of two individuals with very relevant experience to progress our Plan to completion:

    • Derek Stebbing who formerly worked as a Planning Inspector and is now part of an
      organisation called Intelligent Plans and works on the examination of Neighbourhood Plans.
    • Alison Eardley who provides support to local authorities, parish councils and community groups with a focus on neighbourhood planning and has experience of working on over 60 plans.

    Over the past quarter, the CCWNP Steering Group has met twice with Derek and Alison and they have been in regular communication with policy authors.

    We have now produced a draft document which conforms with Government and Local policy and is much tighter and more focussed compared to earlier versions, for instance, reduced from 132 pages to around 70. We have maintained our “red lines” but become more realistic about what our Plan can influence and what it cannot. We are on track to produce a document which reflects what is special about our area, less liable to challenge by developers and more accessible to our residents.

    You will recall that the ultimate goal is to provide policies in the Plan which strengthen the protection of what makes our areas unique and to access a much greater share of Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) funds. We cannot “stop” development, but we can have a much greater say on how we can protect the character of our area and influence those who provide infrastructure.

    Also, however, from 24th January, Neighbourhood Plans have to align with a revised national planning framework, “NPPF2”, as well as remaining in conformance with the emerging Tandridge Local Plan. We are therefore going to ensure that our policies conform with these and will not present our plan in a “finished” state for examination until we are sure of this.

    In addition, as a result of the Policy revisions included in our Plan, we also have to seek a number of assessments of our plan and consult with the relevant authorities about these. These are:

    • A Sustainability Appraisal
    • A Strategic Environmental Assessment
    • A Habitats Regulatory Assessment (as we are close to sensitive habitats in Mole Valley and
      Outer London)

    We are seeking urgent help from our colleagues at Locality to secure input from appropriately qualified people to help do this. Locality is a membership network that has the resources to support community organisations and the preparation of neighbourhood plans. As it is TDC who are allocating development sites and not us, revising these statements should be a straightforward revision of previous work. However, when Neighbourhood Plans are examined, these assessments are regarded as very important and plans can fail if they are absent. This is why we need expert help to do this.

    I have also formed a sub-group to the main Steering Group to make sure we get our supporting documentation in order and up to date.

  2. Ongoing Support
    Neighbourhood Plans are intended to give more authority to local areas in determining how development is managed but we must tick all the boxes if we are to succeed with our Plan and avoid legal and other challenges later. This not only includes the provision of the above assessments but also other supporting documentation such as the proper collation of evidence documents and Basic Conditions, Consultation and Local Green Spaces Statements.
    We also have to guide our plan through a complex planning environment locally as TDC works on its “Emerging” Local Plan and presents that for examination.
    We have therefore asked for Derek Stebbing to be allowed to continue to support us until we know we have a viable Plan. Thanks also to support from the Parishes and Village Councils, we have the resources to retain the policy analysis and drafting skills of Alison Eardley.
  3. Timescales
    What Who By When Notes
    Complete Final Draft of
    Alison Eardley 10/12/18
    Without Maps
    With Maps
    E Mail Final Draft of
    Plan to Emma Amies at
    TDC for Comment
    Alison Eardley 17/12/18Sooner if possible
    Post Final Plan Draft on
    Maureen Gibbins17/12/18
    Update Website with
    all other supporting
    documents: e.g. final
    version of Aecom
    Design Guidance
    Annette Evans and
    members of the
    implementation sub
    group and Maureen
    Acquire Professional
    Support to complete
    Chris Windridge31/12/18Main possibility is
    Professional Support
    Completes SA/SEA/HRA
    Aecom?18/1/19 TBC
    Changes in Plan to
    make it NPPF 2
    compliant made
    Derek Stebbing and
    Alison Eardley
    18/1/19 Changes will be
    discussed and
    endorsed at a SG
    Workshop by
    Final Plan presented to
    TDC for six-week
    regulation 16
    SG Chair plus Alison
    Eardley and Derek
    SA/SEA/HRA out to
    statutory consultees for
    six-week consultation
    Chair of NP Steering
    21st January 2019 to
    1st March 2019
    Amendments will
    be implemented
    by Alison Eardley
    Changes made as a
    result of Reg 16
    Alison Eardley 8th March 2019
    Plan presented for
    Chair of NP Steering
    11/3/18 TDC will seek the
    allocation of an
    Referendum on
    Neighbourhood Plan
    TDCMay 2019


Many people have worked hard and diligently on this unique exercise, which is already making a
difference. We look forward to a successful conclusion.

Jeremy Webster

Chair CCWNP Steering Group

10th December 2018

Front cover of plan

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