The Caterham, Chaldon and Whyteleafe Neighbourhood Plan (NP)  was passed by the Planning Policy Committee of Tandridge District Council on 24th September and will be given significant weight in all local planning decisions from now on-meaning that Planning Officers will need to take account NP policies in making planning decisions. The NP will be subject to a Public Referendum when Government Regulations allow-hopefully next Spring.

This will not be a Plan which which will sit on the shelf! Backed wholeheartedly by all four Parish and Village Councils, it offers policies which, if used constructively, will contribute towards preserving and enhancing the character of the area in which development is located. We must show residents how we can use the Neighbourhood Plan in the months before a referendum to demonstrate the Plan’s worth to the Public.

With the Government proposing to reduce some of the checks and balances on development, which currently exist, in order to promote an increase in house building-it will be left to Neighbourhood Plans to set and implement guidelines for preserving the character of our locality.

You can have your say on these proposals by going to the Neighbourhood Plan Website:    and completing a questionnaire which will form the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group’s response to the Government’s proposals. In our response we hope to reinforce the proposals in the White Paper about the continued role and value of Neighbourhood Plans.

Finally, as Chair of the Chair of the Steering Group, I would like to pay tribute to the commitment and enthusiasm of all the volunteers who have worked hard for nine years to help bring the Neighbourhood Plan to this stage.


Jeremy Webster

Chair Caterham Hill Parish Council

Front cover of plan

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