The Steering Group has responded to the request of the Neighbourhood Plan ( NP) Examiner, Jeremy Edge, to complete pro formas on all the Local Green Spaces listed in the NP. At Regulation 16 consultation, TDC and a small number of Landowners had expressed concern at the inclusion of some of the Green Spaces in the NP. The completion of the Pro Formas, an exercise which mainly involved pulling together existing information, will help the Examiner to determine what additional evidence he wants to hear at the public examination and from who. These were despatched to Tandridge on Wednesday 29th January and are available on the CCWNP Website.

The second request from Mr Edge was for an update on Table 5.2 in the NP, which gives details of sites which have or are about to be developed in the NP area. We are currently working on this update as this Table illustrates the volume of “unplanned” building in the NP area since 2015, which is a substantial figure. We hope to have this amended form ready and agree it with Tandridge in the w/c 10th February. Agreement is essential if we are to have a constructive conversation at the Public Examination.

There have been queries about the role of the constituent parishes and the Steering Group in the current situation where the examiner is asking for further information prior to the Public Examination which is still scheduled for March 10th 2020 at the Soper Hall in Caterham.

Further scrutiny of the Neighbourhood Plan components by the Parishes is actually no longer possible.  Once the Plan had been submitted to Tandridge prior to Section 16 consultation last July, it is they who at the moment “own” it.  All our recent work has been completely in response to the Inspector’s preliminary requests.

As regards the Examination itself, it needs to be pointed out that, as with the Tandridge Local Plan, the examiner decides what issues he wants to explore and who he will invite to speak about them. We know that the Local Green Spaces and Housing Numbers will be the key issues. It is recommended that anyone interested in the topics to be explored looks at the Consultation Responses on the Tandridge Website:

and the Steering Group’s responses which were drawn up in response to them.

When we know exactly what  the Examiner wishes to explore and who he wishes to invite to talk to him at the Public Examination, we will make these matters public. For now, I have located a volunteer who will take on the responsibility for ensuring we have a good public turn out for the event.

Jeremy Webster
Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group Chair.

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