Development proposals for housing prepared to optimise housing delivery in accordance with the guidance in the Urban Capacity Study (2017) and in accordance with Policies CCW4 and CCW5 of this neighbourhood plan will be supported.
Where development is proposed on land not covered by the Urban Capacity Report, housing densities in the range of 30 to 55 dwellings per hectare otherwise in accordance with the relevant policies in this neighbourhood plan will be supported.


It is important that the design of any new housing, including the density of build, responds and integrates well to its surroundings. Building for Life’s 2012 report7 states, for instance, that varying the density of development can help to create areas with different character within larger developments, and a range of features can help create elements that can give a place a sense of identity. This is particularly relevant to the neighbourhood area which has been and continues to be subject to some large-scale developments in the coming years on sites in the planning pipeline. It is also important that in an area containing so much Green Belt, the use of land should be optimised to meet as much of the need for housing as possible to reduce the need to release Green Belt land. This is set out in the NPPF 2019, which encourages both making the best use of brownfield land, and optimising housing density in sustainable settlements.

This policy seeks to ensure that density levels will be in-keeping with the surrounding area while optimising the use of land in line with national planning guidance.


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