A. Except on land within the Green Belt, proposals which facilitate or enhance the delivery of health services on the following sites, as shown on the Policies Map, will be supported:
a. Caterham Valley general practice surgery
b. Chaldon Road general practice surgery
c. Whyteleafe general practice surgery
d. Townhill general practice surgery
e. Caterham Dene Hospital
f. North Downs Hospital
B. Except on land within the Green Belt, proposals for the relocation or expansion of health services will be supported subject to the following criteria:
a. the proposal would not have a significant harmful impact on the amenities of surrounding residents and the local environment;
b. the proposal would not have unacceptable impacts caused by traffic on the local road network; and
c. the proposal is located within or immediately adjacent to the settlement boundary as shown on Figure 15 the Policies Maps.


The need to provide adequate primary care medical services was highlighted by many residents. Already, local GPs surgeries are collectively stretched in terms of patient numbers and there is a concern that the expected growth in the population will exacerbate this. Equally, the two community hospitals (one NHS and one private) are experiencing pressure to provide additional beds and facilities.
This policy seeks to ensure the provision of adequate primary health services in the Neighbourhood area over the next plan period, safeguarding what already exists and supporting expansion or relocation locally where needed.


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