A. Proposals for the expansion of existing public houses (Class A4) in the neighbourhood area to develop appropriate community-based activities, such as a restaurant will be supported, subject to complying with other policies within the plan and provided the scale, design and materials are in keeping with the local character and reinforce the local distinctiveness of the surroundings.
B. Development proposals to change the use of public houses (Class A4) will only be supported if such a use is demonstrably unviable. Development proposals should be accompanied by a marketing report demonstrating that the existing public house has been actively marketed as a Use Class A4 for a period of not less than 12 months at market value for the existing use. The report should account for all expressions of interest and offers received and how these were assessed in terms of viability. Applicants will be expected to meet the costs of undertaking an independent peer review of their marketing and viability assessment if requested by Tandridge District Council prior to determination of the application.


To increase the viability of all public houses within the neighbourhood area by encouraging them to improve and expand suitable community facilities.


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