A. Proposals for new/improved community facilities, including the provision of a Community Hub in Whyteleafe, will be encouraged subject to the following criteria:
a. the proposal would not have significant harmful impacts on the amenities of surrounding residents and the local environment; and
b. the proposal would not have significant adverse impacts upon the local road network.
Proposals that would result in the loss of community and leisure facilities will only be supported if alternative and equivalent facilities demonstrate by comparison to the existing facility that:
i) the replacement will be of at least an equivalent scale, specification and located in an accessible location to the community to be served;
ii) reprovision of these facilities will incorporate adequate safeguards for delivery; and
iii) satisfy all other relevant policy expectations of this neighbourhood plan.


Community Hubs provide a focal point and facilities to foster greater local community activity and bring residents, the local business community, and smaller organisations together to improve the quality of life in their areas. There are currently five active community hubs across the neighbourhood area, they are shown on Figure 8.1, however none fall within Whyteleafe parish.
This policy seeksto safeguard the existing community hubs and provide an additional one to meet the needs of the growing community.


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