Caterham, Chaldon & Whyteleafe Neighbourhood Plan

Planning the future of our four parishes

Local Green Spaces

Caterham, Chaldon and Whyteleafe Neighbourhood Plan

Additional information on Local Green Spaces. At the request of the Plan Examiner, the following 32 proforma have been completed for each of the proposed Local Green Spaces (including clusters of Local Green Spaces).

Separate maps are provided, by neighbourhood council/village area.

The LGS data was copied from OS MasterMap which is 1:1250

The base mapping is OS VectorMap Local which is drawn to 1:10000

Within the proformas, extracts of these maps have been used.

The CR3 Neighbourhood Plan Group comprises representatives from each of the Neighbourhood/Village Councils. All of the councils signed their support for the Plan and its contents in 2019, including the inclusion of the Local Green Spaces.  


Caterham on the Hill

Caterham Valley




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