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Local Green Space (LGS) Register

by | Feb 2, 2019

Caterham on the Hill

Caterham Valley



LOCAL GREEN SPACES: Table showing areas proposed for inclusion.Submitted to CR3 Neighbourhood Plan Group by each of the Parish and Village CouncilsRevised 24th January 2017. Map to be brought up to date.

LGS Number & NameLocationOther protection?ParishNotesCompliant with PPG?
01  Land North of Essendene ParkSouth of Burntwood Lane, north of CAT 022GB (GBA 004)HillParts have informal public access and are crossed by footpaths.
02  Essendene ParkCAT 022GB (GBA 004)HillParts are visible from houses.
03  Land rear of Furrows Place & 30-42 Whyteleafe RoadCAT 010GB (GBA 004)HillPart has community access.  Visible from houses.
04  Land north of Waller Lane (A)West of CAT 038GB (GBA 004)HillNo public access.  Visible from houses.
05  Land north of Waller Lane (B)CAT 038GB (GBA 004)HillNo public access.  Visible from houses.
06  Land north of Waller Lane (C)East of CAT 038GB (GBA 004)HillNo public access.  Visible from houses in Caterham Valley Parish.
07  Land between Waller Lane and Church Road.South and west of Waller Lane, east of Church RoadGB (GBA 004)HillIncludes Dene Field, Cemetery and some private land.
08  Queens ParkQueens Park, including public park and sports fieldsGB (GBA 004)HillPublic park.
09  Rugby PitchesWest of Park AvenueGB (GBA 004)HillSports field.  Visible from houses.
10  Caterham Barracks Firing RangeWest of Caterham Barracks, south of Croydon boundaryGB (GBA 010)HillHistoric barracks firing range, with public access.
11  Caterham Barracks Cricket FieldWithin Caterham Barracks Conservation Area. boundaries of the public open space are Guards Av, Coldstream Rd and Brigade Place (excluding buildings and car parking in the SE and NW corners).CAHillCricket field with public access.
12  Kenley Airfield – Land around former officers’ messCAT 004GB (GBA 004) & CAHillPart of Kenley Airfield CA.  No public access.  Visible from houses in Whyteleafe Parish.
13  Kenley Airfield – Land around former HQ / NAAFICAT 040GB (GBA 004) & CAHillPart of Kenley Airfield CA.  No public access.  Visible from houses.
14  Land west of Whyteleafe HillSouth of CAT 004, east of CAT 040GB (GBA 004)HillNo public access.  Visible from houses.
15  Salmons Lane GreenSalmons Lane / Whyteleafe RoadGB & Common Land / Village GreenHillPublic Access.
16  Town End Recreation GroundTown End / Banstead RoadCommon Land / Village GreenHillPublic access.
17  Westway CommonWestway Common, including allotmentsCommon Land / Village GreenHillPublic access.
18  Heath Road AllotmentsWest of Heath RoadNoneHillAllotments. Visible from houses.
19  Le Personne RoadAt Le Personne Road, three open spaces at junction of Banstead Road with Oak Road and Foxon Lane; open spaces either side of Le Personne RoadNoneHillStrips of land between road and houses, with public access.
20  Yorke Gate (W end) to Darby CloseYorke Gate development:public parkNoneHillPublic access. Visible from houses.
21  Land at Hambledon Park estateNorth and west of Hambledon Park Estate; also small areas within Estate (CAT 054)Part is in GB (within GBA 010)HillOpen land with public access.
22  Land at OakgroveWest of Oakgrove EstateGB (GBA 010)HillCommunity accessible land.
23  Land behind Ninehams GardensNorth of Ninehams Gardens, south of LB Croydon boundaryGB (GBA 046)HillPrivate land.  Visible from houses and from Coulsdon Common.
24  Land behind Ninehams RoadNorth of Ninehams Road, south of LB Croydon boundaryGB (GBA 047)HillPublic land which is an integral part of Coulsdon Common.
25  Land at Kenley Park EstateStrip of land running north from Buxton Lane to Kenley AirfieldNoneHillPublic land providing access to Kenley Airfield.  Visible from houses.
26  Land south of Salmons LaneSouth of Salmons Lane, east of Annes WalkGB (GBA 004)WhyteleafePrivate land, though with informal access.  Visible from houses.
27  Land north of Burntwood LaneNorth of Burntwood Lane, east of de Stafford School (CAT 029)GB (GBA 004)WhyteleafeNo public access.  Visible from houses.
29 Land east of Roffes LaneEast of Roffes Lane, south of Heath Road & Wood Lane (mostly but not wholly within CAT 042) CH001.GB (GBA 004)ChaldonPrivate land, though with informal access.  Visible from houses.  The main area of concern to CotH Parish lies to the north-west of CAT 042.
31 Six Brothers FieldOff Hilltop Lane. CH008GBChaldonPublic use.
33  Whyteleafe Rec GroundE of Railway LineGBWhyteleafePublic use.
34  Manor ParkN of Burntwood LaneGB, SNCIWhyteleafePublic use.
35  Land top of Manor ParkE of De StaffordGBWhyteleafeGreen corridor continuity
36 Stafford Road RecRecreation GroundValleyPublic use, Flood area.
38 Playground Tillingdown LaneRecreation GroundValleyPublic use
39 White Knobs and wooded area aboveSports ground and woodland above.CAT15,18, 20.GBValleyPublic use
40 Timber Hill RecRecreation GroundValleyPublic use
42 Wooded hillside above Harestone Valley RoadOn the Western slopes above Harestone Valley RoadHVCA  HVDGValleyProtects the ridge line across the Valley
43 Tupwood Scrubs and Ten Acre ShawTupwood Scrubs and Ten Acre Shaw and land between. TQ 341534.GB and Ancient WoodlandValleyAncient Mixed Woodland.
44 Old Park woodsBetween Weald Way, Harestone Valley Road, Ten acre Shaw and Gravelly HillGBValleyWooded hillside
45 Upwood GorseBetween Tupwood Lane and Harestone HillGBValleyWoods with bridle path below.
46 CH02 Beech Hangar WoodsAbove Dome Hill and Beech Hangar House to Stanstead Road. CH002GBValley, ChaldonWoods with bridle paths.
47 Land Between Harestone Hill & HV Road Land between Harestone Hill and Harestone Valley Road, South of Caterham School. TQ 340540 GBValley Pasture land with mixed woodland along Harestone Hill
48 Ornamental Garden and trees at 1Harestone DrivePart of the original Gardens of Harestone House (Marie Curie Hospice) 1 Harestone Drive.ValleyTrees and Open Garden area
49  Community GardenWhyteleafe
50  S.of Badgers Walk Whyteleafe HWhyteleafe
51  Whyteleafe Football GroundWhyteleafe
52  Allotments, Church RoadWhyteleafe
53 Godstone Rd  & Edgeworth ClseWhyteleafe
54  South of Hillside RdWhyteleafe
55  Nsouth of Blize WoodULLWhyteleafe
56  St Luke’s GraveyardWhyteleafe
57  Succombs Hill and Bug HillWhyteleafe
58 St John’s school playing field, open space and adjoining woodlandExcluding buildings and car parkingValley
59 • Marden Lodge school playing fieldValley
61 St Lawrence’s Burial Ground.CH05. Accessed from Green Lane or SNGC.GBChaldonOpen Area.
62 Church Green.GBChaldon
63 Hilltop Lane to Birchwood LaneCH003. 12ha of pasture.GBChaldonOpen Area.
65 Golf Course West BoundaryCH06. Strip long western edge of Golf Course.GBChaldonWildlife corridor.
66 Grub WoodCH009, woodlandGBChaldonWoodland, biodiversity, green corridor
67 Ridge Bushes WoodCH010, woodlandGBChaldonWoodland, biodiversity, green corridor
68 Fryern Broom WoodCH011, 4.5 ha woodlandGBChaldonWoodland, biodiversity, green corridor
69 Willey Broom WoodCH012, 4.5 ha woodlandGBChaldonWoodland, biodiversity, green corridor
70 Piles WoodCH013 13ha at boundary of LB CroydonGBChaldonWoodland, biodiversity, green corridor
71 Broad WoodCH014, 3ha woodland near Leazes AvenueGBChaldonWoodland, biodiversity, green corridor
72 Home Wood, SNGCCH015, 2 ha woodland.GBChaldonAncient Woodland, Biodiversity
73 Land West of Chaldon Common Road (to the rear of 58 Chaldon Common Rd)Chaldon Village Council CH007 Local Plan: CAT 63 1.2 ha of unimproved grasslandGBChaldon
74 Fryern Fields / Round WoodFryern Fields / Round WoodChaldon
75 Anzio GardensBarracks development:central garden squareHill
76 Alexander CrescentBarracks development:green space where the road curvesHill
77 Grenadier PlaceBarracks development:central green space, excluding car parkingHill
78 Sergeants PlaceBarracks development:green space on west side, excluding car parkingHill
79 Brigade PlaceBarracks development:central green space excluding parking areasHill
80 Adair GardensBarracks development:central garden square and another on west side, adjoining Green LaneHill
81 Weston Drive/ Coldstream RdBarracks development:public park inc. playground but excluding parking strip on Weston Drive.Hill
82 Seymour AvenueYorke Gate development: triangular public open space adjoining Green Lane.HillThe soft merging boundary between the estate and the Green Belt here is one of its design strengths and must be preserved, compared to the dreadful hard linear boundary further south, which can be clearly seen on Google Earth.
83 Fairbourne LaneYorke Gate development: “village green” adjoining Green LaneHill
84 Drake Avenue south to Fairbourne LaneYorke Gate development: garden square with treesHill
85 Hambledon Rd North sideGreen space with treesHill
86 Howe DriveYorke Gate development: small green space with trees, excluding parking areaHill
87 St Lawrence Way, corner with Marcuse RdHambledon Park development: green space with treesHill
88 St Lawrence Way to Pye CloseHambledon Park development: public open spaceHill
89 Soper Drive (south end)Hambledon Park development: green space with treesHill
90 Tree belt: Coulsdon Rd (W side) and Chaldon Rd (N side)Hambledon Park development: extending to junction with Chaldon Road and then west to Clifton Hill SchoolHill
91 Oak Grove developmentAll communal open space - mapping not yet availableHill
92 Coulsdon Rd: Alma, Huntsman's and Newland CourtsAll open space excluding buildings and car parkingHill
93 Windmill Closesmall space at junction with Coulsdon RdHill
94 Thomas Avenuecentral square and adjoining children's playgroungHill
95 Hillcroft School playing fieldPark RdHill
96 De Stafford School playing fields and woodlandBurntwood LaneHill
97 St Francis, Audley and Sunnydown open spacesPlaying fields plus central belt of trees within access Road - Whyteleafe RoadHill
98 Whyteleafe School playing fieldWhyteleafe
99 West of Whyteleafe HillWoodland adjoining Kenley Common, behind properties on Whyteleafe HillWhyteleafe

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