Referendum Result

The Caterham, Chaldon and Whyteleafe Neighbourhood Plan now has significant weight in Planning Decisions. The Referendum on the Neighbourhood Plan, which took place on 6th  May 2021, gave a terrific endorsement. The Plan received 6923 Yes votes, with 1020 voting No....

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Neighbourhood Plan passed by Tandridge District Council on 24th September

The Caterham, Chaldon and Whyteleafe Neighbourhood Plan (NP) was passed by the Planning Policy Committee of Tandridge District Council on 24th September and will be given significant weight in all local planning decisions from now on-meaning that Planning Officers will need to take account NP policies in making planning decisions. The NP will be subject to a Public Referendum when Government Regulations allow-hopefully next Spring.

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Latest News 7th September


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Government Consultation Questionnaire 09/09/2020

The Government has published a White Paper outlining changes to the Planning System and a consultation on the proposals is now running until the end of October 2020.The Government aims to simplify the Planning System in order to stimulate house building.

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News Update 12th July 2020

The Steering Group has now received a further version of the Examiner’s Report for Fact Checking. The Steering Group is very appreciative of a Letter which has been received by the Chair of the Steering Group from the Examiner which has assisted in aiding our...

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