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    Surrey Contact Centre Numbers for Residents


    Flooding to properties –

    Surface water flooding from roads or drains – Surrey County Council on 0300 200 1003 or Report online

    River flooding – The Environment Agency on 0345 988 1188

    Foul water flooding with sewage – Thames Water on 0800 316 9800 or Southern Water on 0330 303 0368

    Please contact your local Borough or District Council for any housing issues or concerns.

    Highways Issues  The link will bring up Report and you can see how potholes/trees hedges grass and weeds/ faults with street and sign lighting and pavements (with examples) of rcan be reported via the website.

    All substantial road works have an information board with a number you can call directly.

    There is a 24/7 line 0300 200 1003 to report emergencies with examples of issues that can be considered an emergency.

    Highways England should be contacted for issues affecting trunk roads and motorways (0300 123 5000 ( M3 M25 M23 A3).

    Tandridge District Council

    Home – Tandridge District Council
    By following this Link you can access services for which Tandridge is responsible.

    The important ones from an environment protection point of view are:

    • STREETS-Cleaning up graffiti/dog fouling/fly tipping/ street cleaning/ litter angels.
    • PARKING-including reporting an abandoned vehicle.

    You can report on any of these issues online, but the Tandridge Customer Services Number is: 01883 722000  or by E Mail on: .

    • Via The Tandridge Council Website you can access further information about the following:

    Caterham Food Bank

    Household support fund

    Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support

    Help with energy bills

    Carers support

    Citizens Advice  including the contact Number 01883 348385




    TDC Local Plan

    Our Local Plan 2033 (

    Tandridge Strategic Flood Risk Assessment Level 1

    Tandridge FRA Level 1 is a planning tool that will assist Tandridge in its selection and development of sustainable development sites away from Flood Risk Areas.

    Tandridge Strategic Flood Risk Assessment Level 2

    Tandridge FRA Level 2 gives a short non-technical summary of how Level 2 development sites to be included in the emerging local plan were selected,  the detailed flood risk data that was used to carry out individual site-level assessments for each.


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