Q: Does the Neighbourhood Plan set building targets for the NP area?

A: No-that is the job of the Tandridge Local Plan which has not yet been approved, with no expected time for completion.

Q: Does the Neighbourhood Plan allocate sites?

A: No. The only development sites mentioned in the Neighbourhood Plan are those previously allocated by Tandridge District Council.

Q: At present, residents are worried about building development in the Neighbourhood Plan area being 1.5 times greater than in other parts of TDC. Will the Neighbourhood Plan be able to do something about this?

A: In two recent planning decisions involving what might be considered over -development, the TDC officer used the following Neighbourhood Plan policies as part of the justification for refusal

Q: Does the Neighbourhood Plan encourage the building of flats?

A: No. The Neighbourhood Plan is clear that the demand for family type accommodation is the priority for the area.

Q: Can developers and planners ignore the policies in the NP?

A: Planning can be subjective at times, but the Neighbourhood Plan has been through many consultations and has been passed by a formal examination. This gives it a legal standing which it would be difficult for others to ignore.

Q: Supposing the Government changes the law on Planning Regulations, what will happen to the Neighbourhood Plan then?

A: The Government published a white paper, Planning for the Future in 2020. This made it clear that there would be a strong role for Neighbourhood Plans in the future.

Q: What is going to happen once this Neighbourhood Plan is passed at referendum?

A: The four Parish Councils involved will have to form a monitoring and reviewing group to share how the Plan is being used and what notice the Local Authority is taking of it. Once the Tandridge Local Plan is made, the Parishes will have to review the Neighbourhood Plan policies to take account of the changed Tandridge Policy situation.

Q: I understand that Developers have to pay a Levy to the Council based on the properties they build-what is happening to this.

A: This should be shared with the Parish. This share goes up from 15% to 25% once the Neighbourhood Plan has been passed at referendum.

Q: The Neighbourhood Plan mentions Green Spaces and Views it says need protection-aren’t these already protected?

A: Development happens in lots of ways-Councils want to develop their parks; developers may want to build in ways which intrude on views. The Green Spaces and Views in the Neighbourhood Plan will now have an added level of protection if threatened by development.


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