Caterham, Chaldon & Whyteleafe Neighbourhood Plan

Planning the future of our four parishes

Evidence Base

by | Feb 4, 2019

  1. Preface introduces the 2016 Consultation and includes amendments to the Housing Section in the Pre-submission Plan. It also explains why a 2nd consultation is required.
  2. The Pre-Submission Plan. This document is a synopsis of the full plan. It contains all of the Policies together with brief accounts of the Aims and Justifications for the policies.Pre-Submission Plan 
  3. The Full (Consolidated) NP report. This contains all of the data and analyses used to formulate the Policies in the NP. The report has been split into a separate .pdf documents for each of the sections:-
    1. Foreword
    2. Housing
      1. Appendix 1 – Planning context
      2. Appendix 2 – Housing report bibliography
      3. Appendix 3 – Site Assessments
    3. Business
    4. Health and Education
    5. Leisure and Community
    6. Transport
    7. Urban and Rural Design and Heritage
    8. Utilities
  4. Local Green Space Register Nov 2016
  5. Statement of Consultation v.2

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