Local Character Area 05: Whyteleafe Semi-Rural

Burntwood Lane with view
  • This area includes properties in Portley Wood Road, Salmons Lane, The Avenue and Church Road (including the portal formed by St Luke’s Church and Whyteleafe School). Apart from the addition of occasional low density 1930s – 1950s inter and postwar infill houses and Whyteleafe Football Ground this area has changed little in a hundred years. It retains a semi-rural landscape with tree-lined roads that still have the appearance of country lanes, giving glimpses through to fields beyond. It also contains many individual heritage assets, being characterised by Victorian mansions, the associated lodge houses (of considerable architectural variety) and by fine Edwardian period houses built in an Arts and Crafts architectural style. It adjoins and complements the public open space of Manor Park which has the same historic character, being the location of the former Caterham Manor. Most of the Neighbourhood Character Area and its surroundings are designated as Green Belt, Potential Sites of Nature Conservation Importance and Wooded Hillside in the Tandridge District Council Local Plan. These may be taken as forming its landscape setting, reflecting the semi-rural character. The high proportion of green infrastructure provides visual amenity, screening and habitat corridors which are distinct to this area. This NCA with it’s low development density and GI features forms part of a green corridor providing verdant backdrops to views from the valley and separating the development in the valley floor from Caterham-on-the-Hill.
  • Proposals should maintain the low development density.
  • Development within the Whyteleafe Semi-Rural Neighbourhood Character area shall reflect the surrounding density, mass and height.
  • New developments should seek to conserve, and if possible, enhance the buffer separating Caterham-on the-Hill from Whyteleafe and Caterham Valley urban centres.
  • Development should be in keeping in layout, form and staggered up slopes on residential streets.
  • Proposed developments should maintain or enhance the wooded valley sides and ridges which preserve the rural setting.
  • Developments should sit below the surrounding existing tree line to maintain rural views from across the valley.
  • Enhancement proposals identified in the Kenley Aerodrome Conservation Area Proposals Statement should be encouraged.
The slope leading away from Salmons Lane Green

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