Local Character Area 04: Salmons Lane Green

Large amounts of green infrastructure surrounding plots

This Neighbourhood Character area is primarily residential, focused on Salmons Lane Green, a small triangle shaped green space. The space is overlooked by surrounding large detached houses creating a village green character. The green is an open grass area defined on the boundaries with double avenues of mature deciduous and coniferous trees in distinctive single avenues or groups on the southern and western boundaries. There is a single storey house/ bungalow on Salmons Lane, also facing the green, built in red brick with flint panel detailing, displaying the traditional architectural vernacular typical of the area. North of Salmons Lane Green is well wooded green space which provides a green backdrop to this Neighbourhood Character Area. Buildings and vegetation largely contain views however there are long distance views north along Whyteleafe Road towards open countryside and wooded ridgelines. The green space forms part of a green corridor linking the suburban area of Caterham-on-the-Hill with Coxes Wood and Kenley Common beyond.

  • New development should respect the character and appearance of the character area.
  • Proposed developments should respect the low development density and large, well vegetated gardens of the area.
  • Design proposals for developments should maintain and enhance the tree planting along the streets and include trees in front and back gardens.
  • Development should maintain the visual connection and integration with the wooded areas and green spaces.
  • Proposed developments should preserve and include front gardens and vegetated boundaries which are consistent with the area.
  • New development should be set back from the road and be low density to conserve the existing suburban character.
  • Proposals which employ sympathetic scale of built form and materials to the surrounding existing development are more likely to be acceptable.
  • Developments should seek to preserve the remaining heritage assets and be sensitive to their surroundings.
  • Enhancement proposals identified in the Kenley Aerodrome Conservation Area Proposals Statement should be encouraged.
  • Development and maintenance guidelines, repair and management of buildings and landscape as identified in the Kenley Aerodrome Conservation Area Proposals Statement should be followed.
Whyteleafe Road

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