Local Character Area 01: Rural Fringe -Dome Hill and War Coppice Garden Village

War Coppice Road and all properties in Weald Way, Woodland Way, Dome Hill, Dome Hill Peak and Aldercombe Lane. This area contains some of the best examples of 20th century residential housing in the area. It complements the adjacent Harestone Valley Area of Special Residential Character. The first phase of development (in Gravelly Hill, War Coppice Road, Weald Way and Woodland Way) was War Coppice Garden Village (also Woodland Village), as shown on the 1896 and 1912 OS maps. This phase consisted of Arts and Crafts architectural style houses in a characteristic black and white detailing, which were built up until the 1920’s. The second predominant style, seen mainly in Dome Hill, Dome Hill Peak and Aldercombe Lane is the 1930’s rusticated cottage architectural style. These have individuality and build standard well above that of the repetitive streetscapes from volume builders typical of the period. A study has highlighted that the architect Leo Williams designed with a remarkable variation in detail and a high degree of authenticity using quality materials such as hand-made clay tiles, old bricks and oak framing. The study concluded that as a result, these streets form a unified and extremely attractive area of perhaps the finest 1930’s mock-Tudor architectural style dwellings to be seen anywhere (The Houses of Caterham Valley, Peter Saaler, 1982). Many buildings retain these original features with alterations mostly in keeping, so that despite the gradual addition of more recent houses the area retains a strong historic presence. Visual amenity is aided by a sense of spaciousness, and by mature gardens with specimen trees.

Rural houseA defining quality of the NCA is that the context within the green infrastructure of the valley creating limited views of other developments and a sense of enclosure and separation from urban areas of Caterham. It forms part of the green corridors connecting the rural areas to Caterham-on-the-Hill and Caterham Valley. 



Proposals for new developments should:

  • Be in keeping with the existing size, scale, height of the existing dwellings of the village settlement in Chaldon.
  • Reflect the palette of materials found locally.
  • Reflect the well-vegetated character of the area and defined within a strong planted boundary treatment.
  • Protect and enhance the peaceful and rural character of Chaldon.
  • Conservation and enhancement of distinctive architectural features in the Dome Hill and War Coppice Garden Village should be encouraged so that replacement roofs and modern extensions are sympathetic in size, scale, use of materials, and infill development is not too large, dense or visually intrusive.

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