Design Guidelines

Policy CCW4 defines Neighbourhood Character Areas within the Neighbourhood Plan area. The full detail of these and other Character Areas can be found in the Neighbourhood Plan Design Guidelines document.

Map showing character area 1 - Rural Fringe

Character Area 01: Rural Fringe

The predominant feel for this area should be of low density with nucleated or isolated developments enveloped within a woodland setting;

Map showing Character Area 2

Character Area 02: Queen’s Park & Chaldon

The predominant feel should range between low density detached developments to high density terraced houses;

Map showing Character Area3

Character Area 03: Caterham- on-the-Hill West

The area contains a mixture of developments with differing structure and layout which can be broadly defined by Caterham Barracks, the post-war developments and modern village style developments in cul-de-sac arrangement; however, the predominant feel is of a high density residential area;

Map showing Character Area 4

Character Area 04: Caterham- on-the-Hill East

The area has a low to medium density development character mainly made up of detached homes that should be preserved;

Map showing Character Area 5

Character Area 05: Whyteleafe Valley Side

The low density residential character and the surrounding rural/semi-rural landscape should be preserved and where possible enhanced;

Map showing Character Area 6

Character Area 06a: Whyteleafe Centre Valley Bottom

Includes-Whyteleafe urban centre,  in between two rail corridors with large commercial sites, clusters of shops and higher density residential, within a steep sided valley.

Map showing character area 6b

Character Area 06b: Caterham Centre

Includes: Caterham Valley urban centre,  focused around the station and pedestrianised Church Walk Shopping Centre with a high  concentration of commercial activity, also within a steep sided valley.

Map showing Character Area 7

Character Area 07: Wooded Caterham Valley

The predominant feel on this area should be of low to medium density, set within woodland in an undulating topography;


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